The New Consulting Code™

5 Key Principles to dominate your market, stand out from the crowd, and attract clients instead of chase them


Work with me privately

Designed for entrepreneurs, business owners and executives in consulting and B2B space who are looking to solve some of their most pressing issues to play at the next level. At individual or team level.

Based on your goals, timeline, budget, and by leveraging my experience and certification as business and executive coach, I’ll help you with a combination of coaching, advisory, facilitation and training solutions depending on your challenges, needs, desired outcomes.

At individual level, my clients often are looking to improve their leadership skills as they venture into new or unfamiliar areas such as:

  • Get clarity on your personal vision and goals, so you can get unstuck and be more comfortable to move to the next level

  • Develop a new behaviour or shift limiting perception, so you can unlock your true potential and be more successful

  • Gain more influence, either in the corporate world or in your own business, so you can leverage multiple leadership styles to get what you want

  • Manage time and overcome overwhelm, so you can take back control of your life and work on your key strategic priorities

  • Think comprehensive about an issue, so you develop new ideas, strategies and options to solve your most pressing challenges 

  • Develop leadership presence, so you can get noticed in business, lead more effectively your team and your clients to get better decisions

  • Personal branding, so you stand out and build authority in your market

  • Manage transitions effectively, so you are ready and well prepared to make significant changes in your life and in your business

For growing and scaling organisations, it’s often about:

  • Engage and mobilize employees, so you can get the most out of your people, improve execution and retention

  • Build a great team, so you can rely on the next generation of company leaders and get more leverage

  • Strategic planning, so you can focus on few and key strategic priorities and make sure you will implement them

  • Lead change initiatives, so you can confidently undertake and implement major changes in your business and don’t get stuck in ineffective processes.

  • Succession planning, so you can leave your business to trusted hands and pursue other and new personal goals

  • Service excellence, so you can offer to your clients an outstanding service that make your business unique and easy to refer

  • Mergers and acquisitions, so you can confidently explore new solutions for your business without failing in the process.

  • Board development, so you can develop a very effective sounding board and support service to guide you through challenging decisions

  • Create a high-performance culture, so you improve performance, align your organisation and scale more effectively

  • International Expansion, so you avoid the mistakes made by many when they try to expand and grow their business internationally.

Across my 20 years of international, executive and entrepreneurial experience, I learned and developed successful frameworks and solutions to help people like you to get the results you want. By using proven methodologies , you will get more clarity, focus, pragmatic strategies and tools to get outstanding results. For yourself and for your organization.

By working with me, you will improve results and get things done while strengthening your leadership and business skills. In other words, you will develop a FAST-TRACK WAY TO SUCCESS

We can work together in different ways. One-to-one or with your team. Offline and online. Usually, from a minimum of three to twelve month.

However, I don’t work with everyone. I work only with people who are ready to take actions, move the needle, get uncomfortable, open to change and have a strong sense of urgency to make this happen.

Are you the right fit ?

I don’t work on the clock. Your results come first.


The New Consulting Code™

5 Key Principles to dominate your market, stand out from the crowd, and attract clients instead of chase them