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Help Consulting Leaders to Build a Thriving Business

The New Consulting Code™

5 Key Principles to dominate your market, stand out from the crowd, and attract clients instead of chase them


Some of the Clients We Have Worked With

Do you want to grow your consulting business, but feel you have reached a plateau?

Or, are you just starting out, and confused about what steps to take next?

You’re not alone. Many consulting business owners have great expectations when they launch their own company, but get bogged down once they realize that is harder than expected to get great results.

the new consulting code
5 Key Principles to dominate your market, stand out from the crowd, and attract clients instead of chase them
Scale your consulting business in 12 months
We developed different programs and solutions based on where you are in your business. From launching to scaling internationally

This is not the time to sit around and wait. Your clients still need you. If you don’t turn things around, they will be served by somebody else. As much as they like you, they have problems to solve, so they can’t hold off until you’re ready.

Here’s the thing. Doing little or nothing is costing you a fortune. Yes, a fortune. Every day spent waiting or experimenting, is money missing in your bank account. And it’s a missed opportunity to help others as well.

I have a question for you.

How would you feel if you had a proven system that prevented you from getting stuck in your business ended the struggle to get the results you always wanted?

Andrea Petrone

About Me

Hi, I’m Andrea,

For the past 20 years, I helped small and medium-size consulting firms and B2B organizations to build and scale their business.

I am a Certified Executive and Business Coach, Facilitator, Professional and Keynote Speaker. I live in London, UK.

I work with aspiring, new and seasoned professional service and consulting firm owners and executives who want to navigate through the storm and accelerate success, get more traction and grow their firm so they can have a more sustainable and profitable business.

If this sounds familiar, we should talk.

By working with me, I’ll help you to design a winning strategy, position your firm to stand out from the competition, get immediate traction with prospects, become a true trusted advisor for your clients and much more. 

If you are a more mature business, I also design a specific program that will help you to scale internationally and build a strong team.

We are facing a very challenging time. But I see this an opportunity rather than a risk.

Would you like to work with me?

Andrea Petrone



When I reflect on some of the topmost influential coaches in my life, Andrea comes top of mind. I first attended his master class 5 months ago and signed up swiftly to work with him directly. Andrea is extremely genuine in helping his clients be the best version of themselves. His approach and wisdom regarding my unique situation have enabled my business to establish authority in a niche market, ultimately leading to greater value gained for clients. I am very thankful for his expertise and guidance which has led to the growth of my business. His perspective provides an opportunity to find your best path forward. I am sincerely grateful to have had the opportunity to develop a relationship with Andrea and would encourage others seeking to improve to do the same!
Corbin Metz, Managing Partner, Coeptis Consulting Group, USA

Always seeking opportunities to learn new skills that enable me to help others with growing their business, I was very fortunate to have connected with Andrea—especially during such a challenging time in working alongside a variety of business owners. His thoughtful, patient and systematic approach to remaining focused and scaling for success was exactly what I needed. Through genuine feedback and consistent learning opportunities, Andrea excels at presenting, coaching and mentoring. During the program, his encouragement and structured process helped me earn two new projects that I was able to start, leading to much more potential in future growth. Whether individual or group sessions, every opportunity to learn from him is thought-provoking and greatly appreciated. He provides outstanding support for others to succeed and his positive energy is very inspiring.

Bernard Ramchatesingh, Consultant, USA

I recently participated in Andrea’s Set to Accelerate Results (STAR) programme. Andrea’s expertise and programme content is gold. I’ve learned so much from Andrea in relation to marketing, building my business model, creating my offers, selling with events and so much more. I’ve been able to directly apply his practical advice to my business and am already seeing exceptional results. I would highly recommend Andrea for both his group and one-to-one programmes.

Aoife Lee Donovan, Founder and Managing Director at Donovan Lee, Ireland

Our firm’s partners recently participated in Andrea’s STAR program. We were very impressed by Andrea’s expertise, content, and coaching during the program. His program helped us refine our business model more clearly, understand where we needed to take the next steps, and has set us up for success in the near future. Combined with his patient demeanor, as well as being a kind, genuine person, he is a wonderful mentor and coach. I highly appreciated our time working together, and hope to do so again in the future!

Chuck Adams, Founder and Managing Partner at Coept Consulting, USA
Hiring and working with Andrea has been one of the best decisions that I have made since the Pandemic began. I had not considered a business coach prior and appreciated Andrea’s patience and consistency in answering my questions and engaging me to take the leap. His work ethic, follow up and training as well as the challenging and actionable assignments, made me focus on my business goals. With his guidance and coaching I created the positioning and the framework for my new training program and have the confidence to go to the next level and grow my business. I realize that without his coaching services, I would still be trying to figure out what to do.
Tammy Cohen, Founder and Managing Director of TC Marketing and Consulting, USA

Before working with Andrea, I was in a state of stagnancy. I was unsure of which direction to go, and feeling low in confidence. Andrea helped me set very clear and intentional goals. Giving me new perspective that helped me to regain confidence in myself and my business. My company has gained more visibility & relationships with my intended target market. Andrea’s simplistic approach has been critical to expanding business and attracting the desired clientele. I am grateful for our work together.

Kiara Thomas, Founder AND CEO of Quality Resolution Systems LLC, USA

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Andrea and experience firsthand the tremendous benefits of his passionate coaching style. His support over the past months has been invaluable as I’ve built my own business. Andrea is not only an incredibly talented and authentic executive coach but also one of the rare ones that genuinely cares for his clients and their development. He has the ability to focus on the right questions to help ‘peel back the onion’, think through the real issue and then develop solid action plans. Thanks to his guidance, I was able to push my limits, uncover my true potential and finally believe in my success. Every time I finish a session with Andrea I feel inspired, energized and motivated and have full clarity and confidence about my next steps. Simply put, working with Andrea is a fantastic and valuable experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to go to the next level – and beyond.

Kristina Ann Albert, Consultant, US/Germany

I’ve recently started working with Andrea as I transition into a senior role within my organisation. Andrea’s approach is very calm, thoughtful and inquisitive without being overwhelming. His listening skills and ability to draw out the ‘real’ elements of what I needed to focus on and develop is second to none. And his manner and approach immediately put me at ease, whilst also challenged me to think on a deeper level. I’d highly recommend anyone who needs strategic business coaching to seek Andrea’s support. I’m really looking forward to continuing my leadership development with him.

Dominique Davies, National Director, Right to Play, UK

“I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Andrea through several key transitions over the last period. Andrea helped me challenge myself to develop new perspectives and skills and successfully direct my performance to a new level. Andrea is skilled at working issues from several angles, maintaining patience and strategic direction throughout, as well as displaying an exemplary degree of compassion, humour and humanity.”

Rebecca Schulz, Energy Analyst, Consultant - Shell, USA/France

“Executive coaching sessions with Andrea has been a hugely learning experience. They have been instrumental in decluttering the mind and creating prioritized thought pockets each with problem and solution approach. Biggest benefits are to identify, define & prioritize problems and then have a solution to each. The sessions with Andrea helped me immensely in having a structured mindset towards them”.

Rana Ghosal, Founder and CEO of Synergy, India

“I’ve had the opportunity to attend not one but two masterclasses Andrea conducted recently. Andrea exemplifies the true spirit of a coach with his generosity. He shared practical insights during his masterclasses, wisdom that’s much needed for entrepreneurs, both experienced and otherwise. I was able to overcome one of the most important challenges I had been grappling with for some time. It was regarding attracting the right clients and Andrea, through his masterclasses, helped reinforce an important point, something that most entrepreneurs know but often find it difficult to put into practice – you should be careful when it comes to choosing the kind of people you want to work with. This was just one of the many important takeaways I had from Andrea’s sessions. I highly recommend attending his sessions and going through the insightful content he shares regularly to truly understand the value of his offerings.”

Deepthi Rajan, Founder of Perseverance Overrated, India

I recently attended Andrea’s “Scale Your Consulting Business in 12 Months” masterclass, and I must say I was greatly impressed! Not only did Andrea have concrete actionable steps that I could implement immediately, but he has also crafted a systematic, value-based approach to both building a consulting practice AND offering consulting services! Since he has a System, this means that your results will be guaranteed, every time. I would most highly recommend this masterclass for both new and veteran Consultants, as well as personally engaging Andrea’s services as a Coach. As I continue to build my consulting practice, Andrea will be my go-to guy!!

Lydia Hughes-Evans, Founder and CEO of Pure Momentum Consulting, US

Andrea is one of those people who can not only help your business come out of any adversity or hiccups but rather help you strategize how to bring the best on the table and have happy clients by providing them what’s feasible for your business and the best for your clients.

Jigyasa Bansal, Business Analyst at Natwest Group, India

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Andrea several times on business development, and without a doubt, his coaching has been pivotal to my progress. Andrea is adept in helping clients attain the insight that they need to move to a higher level success. The depth and breadth of his international business experience combined with exceptional communication skills and his passion to see clients succeed, gives anyone works with him a highly valuable competitive advantage.”

Grace Daggett, Consultant, USA

“I had the opportunity to be coached by Andrea on a challenge I was facing in building and growing my coaching practice. Andrea’s biggest strength is his ability to empathise and make the Client feel valued and comfortable. His powerful questions and ability to get people to think through the issues they raise, helped me gain some fresh insights on how I was working on my business, and with Andrea’s help this led to clear actions that made a significant impact.”

Narayan Kamath, Consultant, India

Andrea completed a masterclass on International Expansion for 10 of our founders on PwC’s GovTech Scale programme. The insight provided and his great delivery resulted in a immensely valuable session! Feedback obtained from the founders was also very positive. We’ll definitely continue to bring Andrea on board of our future programmes.

Mary Fisayo, Scale | GovTech Programme Lead, PwC Digital Business, UK

Andrea understands the importance of instilling a culture-first approach to international business relations. His clear communication style draws you in – creating space to appreciate his calm and experienced perspective, so often lost in the rush with results-first, relationship-later pressures of company life. I very much enjoyed meeting him and listening to him as one of the hand-picked contributors to the PwC Scale-up Programme

Jeremy Locke, Strategic Marketing Director, Placecube, UK

I recently attended a masterclass from Andrea on international expansion and found lessons I could immediately apply to my company and how we conduct ourselves. Andrea’s insights on culture and business relationships were practical, and will prove useful to me in my day to day work. I highly recommend him as a thought leader in this space. Andrea is open, engaging and a compelling presenter – I hope my interactions with him are only just beginning.

Ben Klarich, Head of New Business, Mapcite, UK

Andrea delivered an amazing masterclass at PwC Scale Program! I enjoyed every single bit of his presentation that showed the vast experience of Andrea when it comes to International Expansion for companies that are Startups or Scaleups. Particularly interesting are his comments about how the profile of the right people you onboard can make the difference between a successful internalization and a “let’s try again” situation. Other key takeaways can be: – “Don’t understand your international business development as just exports” – “Culture Matters”! I’d recommend Andrea to anyone looking for advice in International Expansion without any doubt.

Borja Rosales, UK and EMEA Director, Segasec, UK

Andrea delivered masterclass on international expansion and strategic planning on the PwC scale programme. He was very professional in delivery and made sure the content was relevant for the companies on the programme. The companies get great value hearing from Andreas wealth of experience. Thanks Andrea

Stephen Meager, Scale Programme Manager, Pwc, UK

Andrea facilitated an intimate workshop for the HRDs of some of the UK’s leading tech companies on our Future Fifty programme. He did a great job of researching the guest list beforehand so he understood the companies attending and could steer the conversation in the correct and most impactful way. Thanks Andrea

Davina Yanful, Head of Events, Tech Nation, UK

I had the pleasure of working with Andrea Petrone for our 2019 Tech Leaders Summit in London. Andrea tackled the topic of How to create and sustain a high-performing culture from scale to growth. By breaking down the types of culture that have been observed both internally and externally in the business world, Andrea highlighted 9 key mistakes that were being made by many organisations. He offered great insights as to how our senior leaders could avoid making these mistake as well as overcome any cultural errors that may be happening right now in their organisations. Andrea is an engaging speaker. He is very clear and passionate about his work. Thank you for joining us Andrea and I look forward to working with you again soon.

Tania Ferreira, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill Group, UK

When you speak about Andrea, he is really an amazing person. The words to come up in my mind when I think about him are, Leader, Mentor, a detail orientated person, and all-around nice guy. Andrea is a leader in his field, and if you have a chance to work with him you should absolutely do that!.”

Allan Fine, Business Owner and Entrepreneur, Canada

“A very insightful session run by Andrea around international expansion strategies to the 12 start-ups on PwC’s latest 2019 FinTech Scale programme. The founders and management teams had some great takeaway points from the session and will be incorporating this new knowledge into their expansion plans for the coming year. ”

Rory Martyn - Smith, Pwc Scale Programme Manager, UK
“Andrea has a huge number of strengths to offer. He has the key qualities of a coach, facilitator and leader, particularly when working with specialists helping to bring out their brilliance, carefully nurturing and testing their ideas. He values vision and will seek to use the talents of the people he works with to achieve organisational and strategic goals. Andrea has an interest in new ways of working, and suggestions will be both practical and realistic and also implemented in a planned and systematic way”.
Denise Taylor, Career Coach, UK

The New Consulting Code™

5 Key Principles to dominate your market, stand out from the crowd, and attract clients instead of chase them